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Managing Productivity in Times of Change & Remote Working

Are you a manager looking for ways to increase productivity during change and remote working with your team?

Or are you a business, looking for a toolkit to provide your managers with to elevate productivity across your business whilst working remotely?

Through studies of productivity with clients and businesses of all sizes - on average over 80% of people felt a drop in productivity when remote working. Some felt small changes, but over 50% felt significant productivity dips. There is a solution to this - through behavioural remote management. 

This course is designed for leaders and managers who place an importance on keeping productivity and engagement levels of their team high during remote working.

The course is split into five modules, with approximately two days of learning time, which can be cut down into smaller elements, to fit around busy professional & personal lives. The design of the modules is deliberate so that managers can action & implement learning instantly after each stage. 

On completion of this course, you will walk away with:

  • Key insight into the behaviours of you and your team and how to use that insight to increase productivity
  • A clear remote working structure to implement 
  • Tools to help you and your team deal with the change
  • A complete management toolkit to manage your remote team