The Pulse

Duo have created a monthly People & Culture service designed for busy HR & People professionals looking to implement proven cultural strategies from organisations that consistently rank in the top places to work. By working together, we can create lasting cultural change.


What is The Pulse?

The Pulse is a service designed for HR & People professionals who are responsible for implementing People and Culture initiatives that drive proven ROI and impact. 

This service is designed to work alongside your internal HR & People team to provide external support and benchmarking, alongside proven toolkits on all key elements of culture and at all levels of the employee journey. 

Our Pulse service first and foremost provides unlimited access to our team on a dedicated email where you can seek external input onto internal challenges, alongside a monthly 60 minute one to one. Many of our clients rank in some of the best places to work, and range from corporates like HSBC and Public Sector bodies to growing SMEs in technology, professional services and construction. 

Some of the queries we have had through this service have included: 

  • Insight into internal engagement survey questions
  • Advice on career mapping and salary benchmarking
  • Signposting of HR software
  • Input into recruitment processes
  • External insight into new culture initiatives

In addition to access to us for ad-hoc support, you also get a dedicated login to our online system that provides toolkits and resources around every level of the employee journey.

Based on proven research from Gallup's Q12 engagement survey with over 35 million respondents annually, our monthly topics are focussed around the most important key employee engagement indicators. All of the topics directly feed into achievement of the key result areas assessed by the Sunday Times Top 100 Places to Work and Great Places to Work surveys.

The Pulse is an investment in culture to spark growth. Our clients have used these proven strategies to significantly elevate employee engagement, create award winning employer brands and rank year on year in the best places to work, both across the UK and internationally.

What's included?

Unlimited Email Support

You will have unlimited access to us on email, to provide proactive external insight and help you proactively solve challenges as they arise.

Monthly Toolkits

We will provide you with toolkits on a monthly basis, breaking down 12 months of implementing the best employee experience. All resources are based on proven cultural methodologies employed by our clients, saving you time and expense through trial and error.

Monthly 60 minute 121s

Every month you get a 60 min virtual 121 with us, designed to support you with implementing and benchmarking internal initiatives. 

Give me the detail!

In addition to unlimited support from us on your dedicated email, you will also have access to our proven 12 month culture pathway which provides toolkits, templates and resources to enable you to achieve a rank alongside many of our other clients in the best places to work.  

  • Module One - The Cultural Audit. We give you a proven template for auditing your current culture and quantifying your desired future state. Includes employee feedback templates and roadmap documents. 
  • Module Two - Cultural Foundations. We provide insight into how to create the key foundations and cultural pillars to build on. Including templates for running values discovery sessions internally to create / redefine company values. How to look at your business purpose and embed it at every layer, alongside insight into how to build your own internal culture committee using our proven culture club methodology.
  • Module Three - Creating An Engaging Employer Brand. This module looks specifically at how attractive your employer brand is to the talent you are looking to hire. We look at everything from positioning of your employer brand both on and offline, to social media considerations and job template examples. 
  • Module Four - Building An Inbound Talent Pipeline. We provide you with the model that has moved our clients away from a reliance on recruitment agencies to building their own in-house talent pipeline. Includes proven search terms and message templates that we use with our clients to help them scale rapidly.
  • Module Five - Interviewing & On-boarding. In this module we share behavioural interviewing techniques and assessment templates, alongside a range of best practice and templates that have increased engagement and sped up integration for our clients. Includes system recommendations, automation techniques and document templates. 
  • Module Six - Reward & Recognition - We look at key strategies to get the most out of your reward packages, different techniques to increase recognition, alongside some unique engagement up-levelers including happiness indicators, alternative benefits and pulse survey templates.
  • Module Seven - Wellbeing & Resilience. In this module we look at initiatives that have proven to reduce stress, increase wellbeing and elevate team wide resilience. Includes training topics, resources and templates to complete. 
  • Module Eight - Effective Management and Leadership. One that can be tricky to manage from an HR perspective but is essential in increasing engagement. In this section we look at practical tools that can be utilised at management and leadership level to increase the effectiveness of team interactions. Includes communication models, practical management templates, and models for discussion.
  • Module Nine - Performance Elevation. The module is full of ready made performance tools including our bespoke performance & potential tracker, a tool that instantly diagnoses performance issues, appraisal and PDP templates. All have been tested and proven to significantly increase performance. 
  • Module Ten - Growth & Development. One of the most important elements - in this we share our unique model for creating your own internal career pathway including skills matrices, training matrix and gap analysis tools. This alone has been used by many of our clients and contributed to their best place to work ranking. 
  • Module Eleven - Team Dynamics. Outside of process and procedure, another key area in really impacting engagement. We provide proven team building exercises, key diversity & inclusion techniques, alongside practical training & facilitation toolkits. 
  • Module Twelve - Legacy & Succession Planning. This final model combines practical templates to develop and enhance your succession planning process that clips into your career pathway, and some more cutting edge tools including predictive turnover and a model for developing legacy within your business for departing employees. 

*please note - we are not a legal HR consultancy so this service does not cover support with HR legal questions - it is specifically based around People & Culture.

"Duo has been an enormous help to me professionally and personally. Not only have they helped me elevate my own skills to lead the HR team to success, but they have also acted as an ally in pushing forward and embedding ideas into the business and with senior management. They are an excellent soundboard for my own thoughts, suggestions and challenges and really feel like an extension of DRS that give me the tools to perform better in my role."

Samara Moss, Head of HR at DRS

Why invest?

  • You will gain access to templates and toolkits that are employed in some of the countries best places to work

  • You will know that any of the tools we share have been proven to deliver significant performance and productivity increases, so you can be confident in their ROI in your business
  • We will add another layer of strategic thinking to your HR team, without the cost of adding an extra head

  • You will have monthly self development opportunities to stay at the forefront of real topical HR & people challenges

  • We will provide evidence and insight from other businesses, to support you in putting forward business cases for change 


"Duo has equipped us with invaluable skills to develop a more open culture, and improve performance and collaborative working. 

The way in which the work is delivered, and the one to one support from Duo, gives us the tools to proactively navigate any cultural challenges. 

Louise Weeks, HR & Office Manager at Trend Bible

"What an absolute pleasure it is to work with Duo. Their external support has been invaluable in developing not only integral people processes but also driving strategic cultural change across the group.

I would highly recommend the knowledge and experience of Duo to anyone looking for an experienced partner in the culture & people space." 

Nichola Gleghorn, HR Manager at Mentor Construction

The Monthly Package

£349 + VAT per month

Paid on a quarterly basis for ease of cashflow

  • A 60 minute virtual 121.
  • Unlimited email support.
  • Monthly recorded learning.
  • Monthly online toolkit.
  • Reading materials and essential resources.
  • 10% discount on our online courses.

The Annual Package

£3,495 + VAT

£693 discount

  • A 90 minute virtual 1-2-1 to do live troubleshooting on your key challenges.
  • Unlimited email support.
  • Access to the recorded learning, monthly online toolkit and reading materials & resources. 
  • 15% discount on our online courses, plus further discounts on additional consultancy work. 

Why work with us?

At Duo our business is founded on being transformational versus transactional. We don’t believe in doing things to just tick a box or implementing purposeless policies and procedures. We focus on driving culture change that sticks, and creates real, tangible results for our clients. 

We work with either HR & People professionals, or leadership teams, to integrate & implement cultural change at every layer in the business. This can range from looking at development of clear vision & values, to a cohesive recruitment and onboarding structure, to mapping out employee journeys and development pathways. 

Through all of the work we do, we know what works, and what doesn't. And we can provide you with that insight so you can just focus on the things that deliver the biggest results.

Learn More About Duo

Laura Weaving, Managing Director

Laura is the Founder and MD of Duo, and has an extensive background in organisational culture change, recruitment, and HR strategy. Prior to establishing Duo, Laura set up and managed several other high growth international businesses, providing her with key experience in navigating the complexities of diverse organisational landscapes. 

In addition to leading the vision for Duo, and delivering strategic insight for clients, Laura also holds a number of external positions in other high growth businesses, and boards, giving her a well rounded view of the people challenges, and solutions, needed for high growth businesses to be successful.

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Sarah Callender, Commercial Director

 Sarah is the Commercial Director of Duo, driving the commercial strategy both internally, and with clients. Sarah’s wealth of business knowledge perfectly places her to work with growth focussed businesses on leading and navigating strategic culture change. Her previous experience includes co-founding a number of  businesses – focussing on taking new products and services to market, managing projects and leading on investment decisions.

Add to this, her previous experience as a business adviser working with SMEs across a wide range of sectors, and her current external positions on a number of steering groups and boards, she has detailed and ongoing insight the challenges high growth businesses face.

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Guy Pike, Senior People Consultant

Guy is a Senior People Consultant at Duo and has a wealth of knowledge in recruitment, talent management, organisational culture and HR strategy. Guy joined Duo after working in-house for an international business leading their people function, and whilst there helping them rank in the top 100 businesses to work for.

Guy has a passion for delivering results and constantly looks for ways to challenge broken practices through innovative thinking that creates truly exceptional candidate and employee experiences. Couple this drive, with his experience working both internally, and now externally, he has a unique viewpoint that perfectly placed to help HR leaders navigate cultural challenges. 

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