The Duo Behavioural Map

Duo's signature behavioural survey, provides individuals with tailored insight into the behavioural patterns that most impact their performance at work. 

When used prior to hire this provides amazing insight to help you predict how someone will perform once in your business. When used with existing employees it has proven to significantly increase performance contribution and productivity. 

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Why Profile Behaviours? 

We believe it's how you do things, not just what you do, that enables you to outperform your competition, or in our words, out-behave them. The performance of your team is underpinned by the behaviours you drive day to day. If you ever want to measure your culture, look no further than the dominant behaviours that appear in your business. They will either be your main drivers, or detractors of success.

Underpinned by meta programs, which have proven to significantly impact performance at work, this tool provides a blueprint to managers and leaders in how to manage their team to achieve higher levels of performance, how to communicate with increased impact, how to build deeper level relationships, and is used pre-hire to help you better predict how someone will behave and perform should you hire them. We have even had clients use it to map the behaviours of their clients for increased sales & customer service.

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Below are just some of the amazing clients we have worked with:

How does the behavioural map support recruitment efforts?

Recruitment is expensive, and according to a study of over 20,000 people by LeadershipIQ - over 46% of new hires fail within the first 18 months. Couple this with research by Oxford Economics and Unum, that the average cost of turnover per employee is £30,614, it's an expensive mistake to hire the wrong person.

Even outside of these statistics, if you recruit someone with the wrong behaviours, even if they have the right skills and knowledge, they will never get to the maximum performance as they will be intrinsically operating against their areas of natural strength.

Our clients use the Duo Behavioural Map with potential new hires to gain more insight into how they will perform if recruited into the business. 

  1. We start by helping define a behavioural 'success fit' - both with your business culture, and for each specific role.
  2. We then test, via our online platform, each candidate against this success profile.
  3. We provide a detailed recruitment report on each person that shares how they would perform if recruited and key areas for consideration. 

By implementing the behavioural map into their recruitment process, our clients have seen some amazing results, including reduced employee turnover, higher levels of performance post hire, faster integration into the business.


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“We have unknowingly recruited people with the same behaviours and motivations for years, and that now explains so much.

Duo's behavioural insight gave us some great recruitment tools to enable us to recruit the right people for the role every time. 

Helen Robinson, HR Manager, Your Homes Newcastle

"We have worked with Duo for years, and the introduction of behavioural mapping into our business was a game changer.

We now not only have a common language for performance development in our business, but also a proven system for attracting, and assessing potential recruits prior to hire, that significantly increases success and retention."  

Joanna Feeley, CEO, Trend Bible

Access Your Free High Performance Behavioural Map

To test our behavioural map, and support in your recruitment process, we offer mapping of up to five of your high performers. 

This provides you with insight into the behavioural indicators that drive high performance in that particular role or division of your business. 

You can then use this insight to create 'success fit' behavioural maps to benchmark future candidates against. 

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How is the behavioural map different to other assessments?

  • Measurement Type: The behavioural map looks at behaviour versus personality. Personality is static and not able to be changed so has limited use from a management context, it also pre-supposes that a person will react the same way in every situation which is not realistic in a work context. With behaviour it is much more flexible, therefore more easily managed. Behaviour impacts all aspects of performance and each role needs different behaviours for someone to be successful, By mapping behaviours you can identify dominant behavioural traits and pair them with the right job role for the highest levels of performance and motivation. 

  • Depth of Insight - Where MBTI, DISC and Insights focus on only four quadrants, the behavioural map looks at 8 behavioural areas, and 18 individual behavioural patterns giving you a much deeper level of insight. 

  • Cost - With most other assessments ranging from £75 to upwards of £200 per test, the behavioural map is £50 + VAT per map. 

  • Age - Where a lot of other assessments were created a long time ago, with MBTI being created in 1943, the behavioural map has the backing of NLP meta programs researched since the 1970s but was most recently created in its current form in 2017 enabling it to utilise the most up to date findings in cognitive science to measure work attitude and motivation. 

  • Context - Most other assessments cross context, meaning they are not specific to work. The behavioural map is designed to simply look at work context enabling the outputs to be fully tailored to business impact. 

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Individual Behavioural Maps

£50 + VAT

Discounts available for bulk purchases

  • Access to your own dedicated portal to send out behavioural assessments to each candidate.
  • A 'success fit' map for each role. 
  • A full recruitment report with a realistic prediction about role fit and performance should you hire. 

Behavioural Recruiting Package

£750 + VAT

Includes 10 behavioural map credits

  • Identify the ideal behaviours for your business, and for the role you are recruiting for with a 'success map' for each.
  • Creation of recruitment materials in line with the identified behaviours - job advert, interview questions etc
  • Access and training on your own dedicated portal to send, manage and analyse behavioural assessments and maps. 
  • Starting bank of 10 behavioural map credits. 
  • Full recruitment reports for every map that predicts role fit and performance indicators.